New Paradigm Counsel®

Many technology-oriented companies and other developers of intellectual property assets are well suited for an outsourced legal department. Companies that like receiving deliverables pursuant to a scope of work and project schedule and budget should learn about Offit Kurman’s outsourced in-house counsel offering, New Paradigm Counsel®.

There is a new normal in today’s business world. Companies don’t know what’s on the horizon, but they do know what they need – high level talent who deliver on budget, on schedule and on the mark – all of the time. With the uncertainty of the economy, many companies are hesitant to hire in-house counsel for a variety of reasons, but they still have a regular and substantial need for legal support. Some cannot predict the amount or type of legal work they will need. Others fear that a single attorney will not have the specialized skills needed to handle all of their legal needs. Whatever the reason, the need for counsel usually doesn’t go away. In recognizing the need for a comprehensive and adaptable solution, Offit Kurman created New Paradigm Counsel, an outsourced in-house legal department solution. Companies already often outsource other departments, such as marketing, IT and accounting. Why not outsource your legal department?

Through New Paradigm Counsel, each client is assigned a Principal at the firm who will serve as your point of contact to coordinate all of your company’s legal needs. As projects change, your designated Client Relationship Manager will match you with an attorney who has the relevant practice area experience for that specific assignment. Weekly on-site visits allow us to be hands on. By participating in business meetings, we are privy to the internal back and forth conversations and can provide immediate legal support as situations arise. We are a full-service law firm. That means you’ll have attorneys at your disposal who specialize in business transactions, intellectual property, labor & employment, government contracts, and litigation. With New Paradigm Counsel, you can get an entire legal department of senior-level attorneys for less than the cost of hiring a full time legal employee.

New Paradigm Counsel – The legal department that changes with your business needs®. To discover how your organization can benefit from New Paradigm Counsel, please contact Jon Wachs.